A Post From 2 Years Ago…

Don’t be so quick to judge another…

2 thoughts on “A Post From 2 Years Ago…

  1. This is a beautiful article, Emily!
    I think what helps is in times of despair to take the focus away from worldly fulfilment to a quest of self-realisation because the self is divine and once you have access to it the hole in the soul will be filled without the need to rely on external approval or success. This takes a long while but at least it is a lasting strategy for consistently improving happiness.


    1. … also about addiction: “Ad Dict” is “close by the word”, someone caught in an internal turmoil of dogmas,
      and “spirits” are very close to “spirituality”, so I think instead of fighting against a damaging habit it also is a good idea to replace it with a good one, like your internal quest to ascend.

      Having said all that 10 months after your post, I am certain that you are well on the way by now. 👍


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